The German Zederna company has been producing handcrafted insoles made of aromatic cedar for over ten years. Thanks to the anti-bacterial and highly absorbent properties of the cedar from which they are made, Zederna insoles help keep skin naturally in balance, guaranteeing fresh shoes and healthy feet.

Zederna — all-natural freshness

Zederna, a family-owned German company, has been relying on traditional craftsmanship from the Sauerland region for over ten years, as well as on the special properties of cedar. This aromatic wood is notably, naturally absorbent. Moreover, cedar has developed natural antibodies to fight fungi and microorganisms over the centuries. The resulting anti-bacterial and odour-minimising properties of Zederna cedar insoles keep shoes fresh, which in turn supports foot health.


The company founders were inspired to go into the cedar insole business following a visit to a traditional market for handicrafts. They found an extraordinary wooden item between the stalls of ceramic, jewellery and leather goods on display: a pair of insoles made of cedar. They were made an experienced German carpenter, who had spontaneously decided to use this striking natural material for insoles and rendered them in loving detail. Inspired by the insole’s aromatic fragrance and their maker’s enthusiastic story, the future founder of Zederna carried out a test: He wore the cedar insoles during the hot summer months — and, moreover, he wore them with heavy boots instead of breezy summer shoes or classic lace-up models.

Although this was a truly daunting test, the unusual insoles quickly proved their mettle. Despite the challenging conditions, his feet stayed dry in the boots, and no unpleasant foot odour developed. Quite the contrary, in fact: The aromatic fragrance of the cedar left a pleasingly fresh scent, even after long periods of wear. The future Zederna founders’ interest had now officially been piqued. An intensive test confirmed that cedar not only absorbs high levels of moisture, but also works to minimise odour and has an anti-bacterial effect on athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. And thus the foundations for Zederna were laid. The company is now over ten years old.

The power of nature — cedar insoles

The German, family-owned company has now been offering insoles handcrafted from untreated cedar for over a decade. Zederna insoles absorb moisture that collects in the shoe from the skin and keep feet comfortably dry. This prevents the formation of a highly hygienically questionable warm and moist atmosphere in the shoe, and therefore nips the formation of athlete’s foot and toenail fungus in the bud.

All-natural Zederna soles feature two-layered construction. While the front side consists of polished cedar and is free from all kinds of chemicals, the back side features a thin layer of cotton. This cotton back also stabilises the foot within the shoe and elevates wearing comfort. Thanks to their thin form, the insoles hardly take up room in the shoe and can also be used in combination with orthopaedic insoles.

As a supplement to its original cedar sole, Zederna now offers an enhanced version: The Silver Care model includes silver ions in the lower cotton layer that relieve strain on the cedar and help it to regenerate. The unique combination of aromatic cedar and bioactive silver ions enhances the beneficial properties of Zederna soles and simultaneously increases their durability. Zederna’s mission: to ensure naturally healthy feet without chemicals.

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