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Women’s boat shoes from our “Italian Line”

Once reserved for sailors, the boat shoe has long since become a summertime favourite on land. An unmistakeably nautical look, premium materials, and lovingly detailed Tuscan production make the Blake-stitched women’s boat shoes in our “Italian Line” the perfect lightweight footwear for summer.

Damen Bootsschuhe

Boat shoes are always designed to be slipped right on—these comfortable classics are treasured by men and women alike. In keeping with traditional design, the women’s boat shoes in our “Italian Line” feature a U-shaped vamp insert on the shaft, accompanied by a crimped seam similar to the one found on moccasins . A leather shoe lace is threaded through the eyelets along the opening at the top, and ends at the quarters stitched onto the vamp. Unlike its original American predecessor, our Blake-stitched boat shoe for women features soft lining and a separate insole. It also boasts a soft lug sole made of caoutchouc. This outsole is significantly thicker than that of the original sailing shoe; this version keeps you comfortable, even over long distances.

From sailing shoe to summertime leisure classic

Boat shoes originally came into prominence as new-and-improved sailing shoes. Traditional women’s boat shoes can trace their roots back to Paul Sperry, an American amateur sailor who lived at the beginning of the 20th century. Sperry found himself struggling to remain upright on slippery decks in the sailing shoes popular during his time, which usually featured outsoles made of hemp or crepe. One day, while taking his cocker spaniel, Prince, for a wintertime walk, Sperry noticed that his four-legged companion effortlessly moved across frozen ground.

Taking his dog’s paws as inspiration, Sperry designed a new type of sailing shoe with a special rubber lug sole, marked by an innovative siping pattern. These etched-in grooves ensured massively improved traction. Sperry’s sailor friends quickly became interested in these new boat shoes—from there on out it was only a matter of time until boat shoes conquered the mainland as well.

Italian boat shoes for women

Our Blake-stitched boat shoes for women are bear unmistakeable similarities to their famous predecessors. These tasteful yet highly practical shoes boast premium, lightweight Tuscan construction, high-quality leather, and a refined design.

These lightweight women’s boat shoes are significantly sportier in look and feel than graceful ballet pumps and loafers. Unlike classic Goodyear-welted women’s shoes such as the Oxford and Derby, these comfortable slip-on shoes are perfect for casual summertime occasions.

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