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Shoe Horn from Abbeyhorn
To keep your footwear in its original shape for years to come, a quality shoe horn is a must. Crafted from finest horn, this model has a 20 cm shaft and is shaped to fit comfortably in the hand. The camber at the horn’s lower end meanwhile facilitates slipping your shoe on. With an elegant leather strap at the other end, our horn shoe horn easily stored away after use, too. more Details
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Make the everyday luxury – Horn Shoe Horn

Wrestling your feet into your shoes will only reduce the lifespan of your favourite footwear. But by using our horn shoe horn, you will not only slip your shoes on in a second but also protect the counter cap from damage. Wear is inevitable when using your fingers to tug your shoes on and will destroy the pleasing lines of your shoes’ original shape. While any shoe horn will help you slip into your shoes, only an Abbeyhorn shoe horn, crafted from finest horn material, adds a touch of luxury to an everyday necessity.

Abbeyhorn have been making high quality shoe horns using time-tested methods since the 18th century and are now recognised as the industry’s gold standard. Today, the British company draws on 250 years of traditional craft and experience to make its exquisite shoe care items. Using only natural horn from the African Zebu cow, Abbeyhorn produce stunning shoehorns up to 60 cm in length.

Every Abbeyhorn Shoe Horn is unique

After cutting the main shape, the horn is formed over an open flame, before being carefully hand-polished. As a natural product, each is different in terms of colour and grain and results in a truly unique object to be cherished. Abbeyhorn shoe horns look classy, sit perfectly in the hand and guarantee an optimal and stylish way to ease your feet comfortably into your favourite form-fitting shoes.

This Abbeyhorn shoe horn is 20 cm long. While the top end is pointed, the bottom fits perfectly around the human heel. Simply slip your shoes on, without the need to bend down, then hang the Abberhorn shoe horn up with its leather strap until next needed.

Abbeyhorn Shoe Horn is robust and easy-care to care for

Abbeyhorn shoe horns, whilst looking great, are also highly functional, robust and durable. Scratches, cracks or even breakage are nearly impossible. If properly cared for, these horn shoe horns will have a long lifetime and can be a valuable heirloom for generations.

To keep your horn shoe horn in their original condition, you can also clean it with soapy water and then scrub them with a natural oil after drying. Avoid any harsh chemicals though.

Please note: In nature, there are no two identical horns. It is possible therefore, that differences in colour and appearance will exist between the product you receive and pictures on our website.

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