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Designing entails sketching shoe models and lasts. The resulting templates are crucial to the shoe production process.


Shoe production begins with the preparation of a detailed drawing of the type of shoe that is to be made. This drawing is done by hand or by computer, and depicts the men's shoe model from all angles.

Main shoe types have remained unchanged since the 19th century

Interestingly, designers who would like to create new types of men's shoes have very limited options to choose from, since the main types of men's shoes have remained virtually unchanged in form since the 19th century.

These storied shoes already boast an ideal fit. In keeping with this, certain shoe proportions are already irrevocably established. This is the case, for instance, for the distance between the bottom back edge of the feel and the instep. This also applies to the distance between the back edge of the heel and the balls of the toes.

Basic shoe last types are created in the design department

Since the Late Middle Ages, shoes have been made in Central Europe using logs of wood. These lasts lay the groundwork for each and every shoe. Lasts are wooden molds that simulate the shape of the foot—which will be later placed inside the completed shoe—and which are used to ensure men's shoes provide the desired fit. Last construction needs to take many factors into account, including the rolling motion of the foot during walking and the way in which this motion is subjected to heel hight. In the later stages of shoe construction, shoes are built around the lasts.

Shoe design begins with designing basic types of lasts, which are later used in shoe production. Designing also involves developing templates for different kinds of shoes.

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