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If you suffer from a foot condition, orthopaedic inserts or orthopaedic shoes can provide treatment. The orthopaedic shoes of today are far more stylish than their predecessors.


Practically everyone is born with healthy feet. Years down the line, though, many people suffer from foot pain. Excessive strain, improper footwear, hereditary factors, and untrained feet are the most common reasons underlying the foot complaints that develop over time. When feet are overburdened, foot ligaments loosen, foot joints and cartilage deteriorate, and foots muscles buckle or distort. Preventative measures can be taken to combat future suffering, starting in childhood. Adults affected by the aforementioned issues are often treated with orthopaedic inserts and/or orthopaedic shoes.

Orthopaedic inserts and orthopaedic shoes help correct foot conditions

As a first step, orthopaedic shoemakers or technicians create special orthopaedic insoles for regular shoes. The shoemaker or technician takes casts of the feet to prepare insoles that meet the individual needs of the patient. These insoles are then placed inside shoes to correct foot conditions and to restore the feet to a healthy state. Healthy feet fit comfortably inside quality footwear.

For more serious conditions, such as amputated toes, shortened legs, or severe diabetes, custom-made shoes need to be prepared by an orthopaedic shoemaker. Most orthopaedic shoes feature a stiff sole, which is curved to ensure an ideal rolling motion of the foot. This sole also optimises the distribution of pressure along the sole of the foot. Orthopaedic shoes specially made for shortened legs skillfully make up for differences in leg lengths. Special shoes such as these improve the quality of life of their wearers. Moreover, the orthopaedic shoes of today are much better looking than their clunky, unfashionable predecessors. Although the insides of orthopaedic shoes are designed by experts to meet the needs of the wearer, the wearer can usually dictate the shoe's outward appearance.

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