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Vibram rubber soles
Those who do not want to forgo their classic leather shoes during the cold, wet time of year should fit them with a non-slip, weather-resistant sole. This Vibram rubber sole, made by a traditional Italian manufacturer, guarantees excellent traction and protects the sensitive welt seam. more Details
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Vibram rubber soles for premium full-leather shoes

Once found primarily on hiking and sports shoes, the Vibram rubber sole has for a number of years provided extraordinary traction and protection for classic leather shoes as well—even on frozen ground.

Vibram rubber soles ensure a firm stance

A tragic mountain climbing accident in 1936 along the Swiss-Italian border was decisive for the development of the Vibram rubber sole. After returning from the climbing tour that felled six of his comrades, Vitale Bramani was inspired to found Vibram. The climbing shoes worn at the time merely featured a single wound hemp sole, which proved to be completely useless in the event of sudden storms.

After this ill stroke of fate Bramani made it his mission to optimize the stability of hiking and climbing shoes. He paired up with the renowned tyre manufacturer Pirelli and drew upon the vulcanisation technology pioneered by Charles Goodyear to develop a non-slip, weather-resistant protective sole. The Vibram rubber sole’s special advantages quickly made it a popular choice for classic footwear as well; as a result, it is also applied to Oxfords, Derby shoes, and the like to ensure a firm stance during the cold, wet season. Attaching this additional rubber sole protects the leather sole of the shoe from moisture and also minimises abrasion, especially around the toe of the shoe. The Vibram rubber sole’s delicate structure means that it does not visually detract in any way from the elegant appearance of a classic Goodyear-welted shoe.

It is up to you whether you would like to provide this additional layer of protection for your leather shoes. You can commission our workshop to apply Vibram rubber soles to your shoes, opt to include a pair with your next order, or allow the shoemaker of your choice to affix them to your footwear.

Available in two different sizes

Please be aware: the Vibram rubber sole is available in two different sizes. We recommend you to take the small version for women’s and men’s shoes up to size 9,5 (EU 44) and the bigger version for men’s shoes from size 10.

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