Rendenbach soles – traditional quality since 1871

Founded in 1871, Rendenbach has always been based in Trier. More than 140 years have passed since Johann Rendenbach Junior established his eponymous leather factory. Back in the company’s early days, the current CEO’s grandfather and great-grandfather supplied fine cobblers and shoe manufacturers with breathable, durable Rendenbach soles. Unsurpassed in quality, Rendenbach products were soon in high demand among premium shoe companies, who requested bulk quantities to attach to their footwear.

The founder’s great-grandson, Hanns Rendenbach, is currently keeping the family tradition alive in Trier, Germany’s oldest city. As such, he represents the fourth generation of family leadership. The secret behind premium Rendenbach soles is oak pit tanning. This unique, traditional method has only been mastered by a select few, and results in leather soles of the absolute highest quality.

Rendenbach soles are premium natural products

The famous oak pit tanning method is essential to producing premium Rendenbach soles. Plant-based tanning agents are combined with soft leather fibres in roughly three-meter-deep oak pits. From the beginning, the traditional Rendenbach company has only used the very best leather hides to make its soles. Moreover, all of the tanning agents it uses have been derived from natural sources—the special oak pit tanning recipe includes oak, spruce, and mimosa bark, as well as valonea fruit sourced from the Mediterranean. These natural products make Rendenbach soles uniquely hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin of the foot.

Rendenbach soles undergo various stages of processing before taking on their final form. The leather is oiled with plant-based fats, gently dried, milled, and cut. All of this meticulous work is well worth the effort. The labour-intensive, environmentally friendly tanning process results in premium-quality leather. Rendenbach soles are exceptionally firm and durable.

The Rendenbach trademark is a sign of quality

The trademarked logo on each Rendenbach sole is a guarantee of water-repellence, durable form, and unsurpassed wearing comfort. Rendenbach soles impress with their lightweight construction, temperature-regulating effect, and naturally elegant grain structure. These traditionally made leather soles are completely biodegradable, conform to the provisions of Germany’s Medicinal Products Law, and comply with ISO-9001 quality assurance standards.

Each model in our exotic shoe collection is fitted with an exquisite Rendenbach sole. After all, a premium shoe sole (made with care from the finest of leathers) forms the foundation of every premium men’s shoe.

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