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Sock clips
Once upon a time, you had to sort your socks. Now, sockstar’s practical sock clips hold your socks securely together, make clothespins unnecessary, and put an end to the hunt for missing socks. more Details
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Sockstar sock clips for quick sorting

It’s a mystery like no other, known to all: after you’ve worn your socks a few times, they begin to vanish. Individual socks seem to disappear as they make their way from the laundry basket to the laundry machine—their former partners are left alone after being washed. This regularly occurring annoyance finally comes to an end with sockstars sock clips. These washable sock clips, featuring integrated hangers, ensure that the socks that belong together, stay together.

The answer to sock loss—sock clips

It doesn’t matter whether they’re knee socks, short socks, or soft-and-cuddly winter socks—sock clips hold even the thickest wool socks together. Elegantly rounded on the edges, these sock clips won’t damage delicate sock fibres. The sock clips have a diameter of 7 centimetres and are made of 100% thermoplastic. As a result, they remain intact at high temperatures, and are suitable for washing machines as well as dryers at temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius.

All you need to do is stick each of your socks into the one of sock clip slots, then stick the cuffs of both socks into the second slot. Before tossing the clipped sock pairs into your washing machine, you should place them inside a net bag.

Washing machine-safe sock clips put an end to missing socks

After washing the sock pairs, you can save space by hanging up the sock clips on your clothesline. And thus, you finally put an end to endlessly sorting socks—as well as to unsorted sock drawers.

Sockstar sock clips are available in black and white, gold, lavender, and white. They come in practical sets of 20, and are stored in decorative metal tins.

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