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Falke »Teppich im Schuh« short
These much-lauded socks have represented premium quality for over 55 years. Made of a fine wool blend, Falke’s »Teppich im Schuh« socks feature a soft plush sole to enhance toasty warm wearing comfort. more Details
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Falke’s »Teppich im Schuh« socks for winter

The secret behind the beloved winter socks from Falke lies in their special construction. Their defining plush sole protects and pads the sole of the foot, the heels, and the toes, in addition to creating the renowned »Teppich im Schuh« effect. »Teppich im Schuh« is German for »carpet sensation«; the literal translation is »carpet in shoe«. A sturdy wool blend keeps feet warm, further enhancing wearing comfort. The cherry on top: expertly hand-linked toes, made in the traditional style.

The cold months call for that »Teppich im Schuh« feeling

Falke »Teppich im Schuh« socks mainly have the Merino sheep to thank for their exceptional wearing comfort. This kind of sheep originally comes from North Africa and is known for its dense, fine coat of even-length wool. Merino wool is considered one of the highest-quality natural wool fibres in the world, and is gathered at special farms in New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, and South Africa. This pure new wool is known for its high breathability and form retention, which help Falke’s »Teppich im Schuh« socks ensure comfortably dry feet—even at high temperatures. In addition to temperature-regulating natural fibres, these cuddly winter socks consist of approximately 30% synthetic fibres. Skin-friendly polyamide increases abrasion resistance and elasticity in the parts of the sock that are subjected to the greatest stress during wear—the heels, upper heels, soles, balls of the feet, and toes. The toes in turn are linked by hand, which makes it easy to guide your feet into Falke’s »Teppich im Schuh« socks.

Warm winter socks with hand-linked toes and fine ribbing

At the beginning of the linking process, the roughly 30-centimetre tube of the sock, which has already been stitched together, is turned inside out. Next, the sock’s open stitch courses are attached to the needle roller on a linking machine and attached to one another. The fruits of this elaborate process: high-quality Falke winter socks. Linking creates a toe seam that’s so delicate as to be indiscernible.

Falke »Teppich im Schuh« socks are an excellent choice for the frosty winter months. High-quality Merino wool lets you wave goodbye to cold feet, aching toes, and uncomfortable pressure points. Traditional ribbing harmoniously rounds out the socks’ appearance.

Falke’s »Teppich im Schuh« winter socks are available in almond brown, dark brown, dark blue, grey, dark grey, and black.

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