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Falke »Teppich im Schuh« long
A cold-weather classic: Falke’s »Teppich im Schuh« knee socks are made of a fine wool blend. »Teppich im Schuh« is German for »carpet sensation«; the literal translation is »carpet in shoe«. Temperature-regulating pure new wool comfortably warms feet, while a soft plush sole delivers comfort down through the toes. more Details
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Winter classic: Falke’s »Teppich im Schuh« knee socks

Every gentleman knows that bare shins have no business in the workplace. Falke, a traditional company based in Schmallenberg, Hochsauerland, has been successfully producing socks that meet stylish demands for decades. Falke’s »Teppich im Schuh« knee socks have been a classic since the 1960s. This name refers to the way these premium socks feel on the foot. With a shaft length of approximately 50 centimetres, these winter socks stay warm and cosy at frosty temperatures—perfect for workdays as well as the weekend.

Winter knee socks—for stylish men who like to uphold tradition

Originally conceived as work socks, Falke’s »Teppich im Schuh« knee socks have since enjoyed a successful 55-year history. Proven in quality, they’ve attained cult status among fans. These beloved winter socks have always been defined by their classic ribbed structure, which lends them a distinct appearance. A comfortable plush sole is another distinguishing characteristic of Falke »Teppich im Schuh« knee socks. This sole not only comfortably pads and protects the foot with each step, but also gave the socks their name back in the day. In the 1960s, these cuddly winter socks were better known as »Falke Plush«. Their current name hearkens back to an ad slogan that came later: »Falke plush – the carpet in your shoe«.

Comfort in winter—Falke »Teppich im Schuh« knee socks

These winter knee socks are 70% temperature-regulating Merino wool, meaning they eliminate uncomfortably damp feet. The high-quality pure new wool derived from Merino sheep absorbs up to 40% of its own weight in vapour-forming moisture, even at high temperatures. Thanks to the fine, highly crimped fibre structure of pure new wool, these Falke »Teppich im Schuh« knee socks are highly breathable and firmly retain their shape and colour.

These winter knee socks are made from a wool blend with 30% synthetic fibres. With good reason; polyamide, the synthetic fibre in question, is highly abrasion-resistant. Polyamide fibres are spun in a special way. First, textile pulp is pressed through nozzles, then submitted to a texturizing process to increase elasticity. The resulting skin-friendly synthetic fibres are combined with temperature-regulating natural fibres to create Falke’s »Teppich im Schuh« knee socks. The result? Ideal wearing properties. Moreover, the parts of these winter socks that are most vulnerable to wear and tear have been fitted with additional support. As a result, rapid thinning on the heels, soles, balls of the feet, and toes is now a thing of the past. Hand-linked toes make it easy to guide your foot into the socks and prevent uncomfortable pressure points from forming.

Falke »Teppich im Schuh« knee socks are available in almond brown, dark brown, dark blue, grey, dark grey, and black.

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