Men’s leather bags

The premium, handcrafted men’s leather bags in our collection represent the finest Italian craftsmanship. Exclusive leather, meticulous construction, and timeless designs make our briefcases, laptop and document cases, and roomy weekend and shoe storage bags the perfect accessories for the modern gentleman.

Men’s leather bags – classic, traditional accessories

Our collection of classic leather bags is rooted in traditional Tuscan handicraft. Experienced master craftsmen bring our dreams of handcrafted leather bags to life, working with the utmost care in the heart of Tuscany, close to Florence. As the work, they combine premium materials, timeless designs, and high functionality.

Men’s leather bags

A quick history lesson: leather bags as cultural artefacts

Although they were once notoriously considered manifestations of feminine greed, leather bags have long since become an essential accessory for the modern gentleman. A grave find at a mining site in Profen, Germany established that humans had already begun to store their tools in animal skins 5,000 years ago. Well into the Middle Ages, carried bags hanging from their belts, while women preferred small bags attached to their skirts. Opulently embroidered hunting bags remained extremely popular until well into the 18th century.

During the Biedermeier period, women often carried manual labour bags, in which they stored knitting materials. “Reticules”, mockingly dubbed “ridicules”, emerged around this time and were carried by hand. These women’s bags, which were woven from mesh or stitched from cloth, endured until the 1920s.

The rise of the travel bag around 1875 saw the arrival of handles on bags. This was also concomitant with a temporary end to men’s bags. 19th century men’s fashion was extremely businesslike, reserved, and above all free of bags. Men’s bags did not come back into vogue until the 20th century. Bags have solidified their reputation as classic gentlemen’s accessories ever since, joined by tasteful leather shoes and belts.

From the development stage to the showroom

True to our philosophy of serving as a purveyor of select premium goods, our collection of elegant bags prioritizes quality traditional craftsmanship. The process involved in manufacturing each individual model is extremely meticulous and requires expert skill.

Starting from the first paper sketches, continuing to the selection of premium materials, through to creating the samples and checking the proportions, functionality, and design, every single leather bag in our collection is subjected to the strictest quality controls. We pride ourselves on our loving detail to attention, which does our collection an immense service.

Just like with our Goodyear-welted men’s shoes, when it comes to our men’s leather bags we extremely close attention to the choice of materials. All of the leather, lining, edges, and metal components are exclusively sourced from Italy, and are processed there by a traditional family-owned company. Our bag manufacturer earned his Maestro Pellettiere certification at no lesser institution than the famous “Scuola del Cuoio” in Florence, and has ben creating first-rate leather goods since 1981. By working with him, we not only guarantee the exclusivity of our luxurious men’s leather bags, but are also simultaneously able to keep track of the entire manufacturing process, and transparently present it to our customers.

Men’s Italian leather bags from

Our handcrafted leather bags thrill through with an extraordinary combination of functionality and timeless design. The elegant briefcases and laptop cases as well as the slender document cases contain ample room for your documents. When it comes to business trips or well-deserved vacations, reach for one of our larger bags. Our tasteful travel bags come in two different sizes, and vouch for your personal taste while you are on the go.

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