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Our Formal Collection of Men’s Shoes

Derbies and Oxfords build the sophisticated foundation of formal men’s footwear. For centuries these shoe styles have kept the same typical shape, without loosing anything of their elegance. We offer these formal shoes in several variations. Naturally, all of our men’s shoes are handcrafted and Goodyear-welted.

klassische Herrenschuhe

Formal Men’s Shoes: The Oxford and the Derby

Both the Oxford and the Derby are traditional items of men’s footwear. Both are crafted in Europe’s fashion capitals, having been inspired by the publication of the first fashion journals and a competition of European shoemakers in the late 19th century. For generations these near-constant formal shoes have proven to much-loved items of footwear. Although their appearance is modified to take in actual fashion trends, they remain timeless shoes.

Oxfords are the most traditional shoe model from our formal collection. According to legend, Oxford University students popularised the half-boots with slide slits in the 19th century, donning them to rebel against the ankle-high boots which were in fashion at the time. Today, Oxfords are formal men’s shoes and the most elegant of their kind, too. Truly, they are an indispensible part of any gentleman’s footwear collection. The tight-fitting closed lacing characterises the traditional Oxford shoe, but can make it a bit too formal for free time. It is the ideal choice for a pinstripe suit and guarantees the wearer an elegant appearance.

The Derby: a model for other shoe styles

The origin of the Derby shoe, another item of our formal collection, is shrouded in mystery. Allegedly, these men’s shoes first appeared in the 19th century, when the Earl of Derby used shoes with front lacing and an open toe, because he had problems slipping on closed shoes, due to his very wide feet. Therefore his cobbler developed a special shaft design with the side parts fastened to the vamp and a wide lacing, which facilitates stepping into them.

The Derby is a singular formal shoe style, which serves as a model for other shoe styles, including for example the Budapester. The Derby style characterises shoes with an open lace passing through eyelet tabs, which are stitched on top of the vamp. Sometimes, Derbies are mistakenly confused with the so-called “Blucher”. Do not be unsettled by this: The Blucher has a completely different shape to a Derby shoe. But a lot of Boots are just Derby shoes with an ankle-high vamp.

Formal Men’s Shoes, from plain to ornate

We offer Derby and Oxford shoes in almost all available styles and variations. Whether Plain, meaning a completely smooth leather upper and undecorated, Cap-Toe (with a vertical seam on the toecap) or Half- and Full-Brogue with rich perforated patterns. When brogued, the Derby in particular shines as a formal men’s shoe. Whether for free time, the office or for more formal occasions, this versatile men’s footwear is the ideal choice for several outfits.

Naturally, we have also Oxfords with perforations available, too. Nevertheless, the Plain Oxford radiates that particular British charm, tradition and history, while Brogues provide their own special style. Whether for formal settings or business meetings, this formal men’s shoe harmonises with any outfit. If you prefer more extraordinary footwear, take a look at our extravagant men’s shoe collection.

Goodyear-welted Men’s Shoes

Our formal men’s shoes are handcrafted using traditional methods and Goodyear-welted. As such, they offer cushioning, support, breathability, durability and are easily resoled. Produced with painstaking care by a Spanish manufacturer, just one of our formal men’s shoes is made of 65 separate parts. In all, around 210 skilled operations are used to craft each of our extraordinary men’s shoes. Only high-grade materials are used for the shoe manufacturing, like finest Italian leather, which guarantees the highest quality.

At, we cooperate directly with shoe manufacturers to offer the most efficient supply possible. By cutting out the middle man, we can make sure to pass savings on directly to our customers. All in all, we offer an incomparably fair price for Goodyear-welted formal men’s shoes.

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