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Shoe Shine Kit With Box

shoe cleaning kits

This 13-piece shoe shine kit with box contains selected items for optimal shoe care. Among other items, this beech box contains a breathtaking shoehorn and high-quality cedar shoe trees, both of which are premium Burgol products. more Details
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Luxury shoe care products in a practical shoe shine kit with box

This 13-piece shoe shine kit with box contains a selection of the finest shoe care items. In addition to a premium horn shoe horn and shoe trees made of aromatic cedar, the kit also includes an assortment of selected Burgol products. Best of all: you do not need to worry about how to store your shoe care products, since the kit comes in a premium wooden box. The box offers ample storage room and, thanks to the integrated handle, is easy to transport. The following items come with the kit:

1 Shoe Shine Box. The heart of the shoe cleaning kit. This box is made of premium beech and features a removable drawer for storing shoe care products. Provides ample storage space and, thanks to the integrated handle, lets you easily transport your shoe care items.

1 Horn Shoe Horn. A luxury-grade shoe horn. Handmade from the horn of the zebu. 40 centimetres in length, featuring a deer horn handle. Each horn shoe horn is a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

1 Cedar Shoe Tree. This high-quality cedar wood shoe tree preserves shoe shape, wicks away moisture and smooths creases from wear. The charismatic aroma of the red cedar also serves as a pleasant shoe deodorant. This premium product perfectly preserves shoe shape. The shoe tree is available in the sizes 38 through 47. Owners of SHOEPASSION.com shoes should refer to our size table when selecting their size. Please make sure to select a shoe tree in a size smaller than your actual shoe size. For owners of other shoes, we also recommend selecting a shoe tree in a size smaller than your shoe size.

4 Burgol Shoe Polish. A shoe polish of the highest quality, made using a 90-year-old recipe. It contains balsam turpentine oil and natural waxes to create a beautiful high shine after polishing. The wax of the carnauba palm also has a waterproofing effect. The kit contains Burgol shoe creams in the shades black, dark brown, medium brown and light brown, each in 75 ml tin cans.

1 Shoe Polishing Cloth. This square shoe polishing cloth measures 30 x 30 centimetres and is used to apply shoe cream and shoe wax to the shoe upper. Alternatively, it can be used to polish the shoe

1 Shoe Bag. This shoe bag measures 37 x 27 centimetres and is 100% cotton. It is perfect for travel; its soft texture protects leather from scratching and soiling. Of course, you can also use it to store shoes on your shelves at home.

1 Burgol Leather Sole Protector. Leather shoe soles are subjected to moisture, wetness and, in winter, street salt and loose chippings. This can make them quickly become breakable. Burgol’s leather sole protector helps prevent premature deterioration. It saturates the leather, minimizes abrasion and leads to a higher degree of water-repellence. The kit contains leather sole protector in a 125 ml bottle.

1 Burgol Shoe Cleaner. This Burgol shoe cleaner gently removes soiling, salt and perspiration stains from all kinds of smooth and rough leather. It also has a disinfecting, pH-regulating and odour-reducing effect. The kit includes a 125 ml bottle of shoe cleaner.

2 Burgol Goat Hair Brushes. Burgol’s premium goat hair brushes are hand-threaded with the fine, thick hair of the free-range Cashmere goat. These fine polishing brushes remove dust and excessive cream. They also allow smooth the uppermost layer of shoe upper, creating a high shine and leading the upper to repel dirt. The kit contains one goat hair brush with light bristles and one with dark bristles.

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