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No. 641

Men's Boots

Sportive chic meets classic elegance – our Goodyear-welted Jodhpur in black. Designed as a riding boot with a rounded toe and a low heel, our No. 641 also boasts a leather strap and silver buckle, which accentuate its youthful and bold character. This breathable ankle boot is a much-loved item of footwear, even beyond polo where the Jodhpur first became popular. more Details
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Details about Number 641

Our No. 641 is a fixed-strap Jodhpur in black. The traditional ankle-high strap and silver metal buckle are typical for this popular boot style, ensuring the foot a better hold inside the shoe. All in all, our black Jodhpur radiates a sportive elegance, bound in tradition.

The Jodhpur was first developed in British-India, where British soldiers loved to play polo even far from home. Heavy military boots were much too warm for the hot temperatures and so Jodhpur (named after the city) boots became the practical answer to the climate. Today, Jodhpur boots are known around the world for their elegant yet rugged design, traditional history and classic style.

Men’s Boot with Indian roots

The black Jodhpur’s leather upper is completely crafted from dyed calfskin, while inner linings and outsole are crafted from vegetable-tanned cow leather. Both insole and heel are made of high-quality leather too and make our No. 641 extreme durable, breathable and easy to resole. The traditional fixed-strap Jodhpur in black is a favourite men’s boot not only for polo lovers, but also looks also great with a suit or more casual wear.



Boots boast a high reaching vamp of almost 5 to 10 cm. They are more robust than their smaller cousin, the classic ankle boot. Boots offers a great protection against inclement weather.

Classic Shoe Last

Classic Shoe Last

Take a look at the traditional British shoe last. Elegant and finely rounded towards the shoe toe, without a sharply pointed front. The common width of the ball area guarantees an ideal fit for most normal feet.

French Calf

French Calf

The upper portion of the shoe is made from the finest, medium-soft and fully-dyed calfskin. The technical term for this kind of leather is ‘French calf’. This leather is known for its flexibility, fine texture and soft grain.

General information about our boots



The gold standard for shoe manufacture. Goodyear-welting is a painstaking process in which leather upper and outsole are stitched together by a thin leather strip. This makes the leather shoes extremely stable, durable, breathable and easily to resole.



While popular shoe manufacturers produce only glued footwear, all of our high-class men’s shoes are handcrafted to the finest quality standards. A difference, which you can see and feel.

Full Leather Shoes

Full Leather Shoes

The high quality of our shoes is reflected in the leather content. Shoe upper, inner lining, insole and outsole are made of finest leather. Our attention to detail means even the heel is made of separate leather layers.



Around 65 separate parts and 210 skilled operations are used to produce one of our men’s shoes. Crafted from high-grade materials in the traditional Goodyear-welting method, all our shoes guarantee the highest quality.


Gentleman's Corner

All of our shoes are equipped with a so-called “gentleman’s corner”. It is a small notch cut from the heel’s inside corner, which prevents your trouser leg catching on your shoe.



The high leather content and the dispensation of adhesive bonding guarantee a great air circulation inside the shoe. Ventilated, dry feet are good and healthy feet.

Delivery Content

Of course, our focus is on your new pair of shoes. But to underline our passion for our products, we enclose a few extras in your shipment. We hope that sparks your excitement about your new footwear.

Shoe Box

Shoe Box

The passion for our products is reflected first in the style of our packaging. All of our shoes are sent in a black and elegant shoebox, boasting the SHOEPASSION.com brand, and a functional metal handle. Beside your pair of new shoes, you will also find a note explaining our philosophy inside your shipment.

Shoe Bag

Shoe Bag

A great way to protect your Goodyear-welted shoes is a shoe bag. A pair of shoe bags will protect your new footwear against dirt and scratches and will shade the shoes from direct light that can harm the leather. Furthermore, they are the perfect choice for storage or for travelling in style.

Short Care Advice

Short Care Advice

Goodyear-welted shoes boast a longer lifetime than usual footwear. Nevertheless, a dedicated care routine is indispensable, if you would like to keep your shoes looking good. Thankfully, we have plenty of important shoe care advice for you here at SHOEPASSION.com.

The values we live by

Lots of brands are quick to conceal the production methods behind their products, as well as the origins of the materials they use. We, on the other hand, have nothing to hide. From the very beginning, our products have been »Made in the EU«, in the classic sense. As such, we treat both our fellow man and the natural environment in a way that’s ecologically sustainable and ethically responsible. Each step on our supply chain is entirely transparent for you to see—that’s a promise we’re happy to stand by.


Made in EU

While most of our peers in the shoe industry are still unable to guarantee shoes that are »made in the EU«, we’re able to prove that our shoes are just that. We use leather from France and Germany, manufacture our shoes in Spain, and run distribution and logistics in Germany—our shoes are 100% made in Europe.

Environmentally sustainable

Environmentally sustainable

For many companies, all that matters are the profits; they fail to take notice of the disastrous conditions under which hides are taken in Bangladesh, or shoes are manufactured in China. We turn instead to traditional European tanneries and Spanish craftsmanship, to the benefit of man and nature alike.



Our promise: since you’re purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you’re spared the typical high margins that arise when you go through a middleman. You’re also spared the additional cost of paying for a brand name. Thanks to our advantageous wide reach and our low cost structure, we’re able to offer sensationally low prices.



From the provenance and treatment of the leather we use, to the conditions in our Spanish factory, to delivery with our logistics partner, we don’t leave any stone unturned. We provide copious, transparent information on every step in our supply chain.


Our team

SHOEPASSION.com was founded by a pair of shoe lovers, , and each and every employee focuses on satisfying our shoe-loving customers. Whether it’s graphic design, sales, marketing, editorial, or customer service, we handle all aspects of our business internally, ensuring our total control over all processes. We’re also owner-managed.


Your feedback

Your opinion is important to us; that’s how we define our business. If you’d like to express your satisfaction with our products and services, let us know. You can read reviews from other customers as well as experts in the shoe industry on the SHOEPASSION.com site. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

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